RECORD HOLDEROnly Welsh Terrier to Become No. 1 Dog All Breeds (Norway and Sweden), 1974
BRED BYCath and Derek Collyer (Deveraux)
OWNED BYAase Tofte and Geir Flyckt-Pedersen (Louline); owned and campaigned in the United Kingdom by Beryl Blower (Turith)
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The Reverend Bill King highlighted the late great Scandinavian breeder and esteemed Judge Geir Flyckt-Pedersen’s “lifetime in the limelight” in The Kennel Gazette in June 2018. “Geir’s famous Louline kennel is behind generations of champions,” he wrote. “He has had two Dog of the Year winners in Norway, and three in Sweden. He was the first and only person to win Dog of the Year in both Norway and Sweden in the same year, twice—in 1974 with Welsh Terrier Ch.Nor.Ch.Swed. Deveraux Janore, and in 1980 with Ir.Nor.Swed. Ch. Blackdale Starbright, the first Wire Fox Terrier champion carrying this kennel name.”*

In partnership with his wife Gerd, Geir bred a multitude of champions in Cocker Spaniels, Greyhounds, Whippets, and Norfolk Terriers. They also made champions in Lakeland Terriers, Welsh Terriers, Smooth Fox Terriers, Schnauzers, and Giant Schnauzers. During the period 1972 until 1983, when the couple left for the United Kingdom, they had won more “of the Year” titles and BIS wins than any other exhibitor. Among their mentors were Scandinavian breeders Ann-Mari Nagelgaard and Grethe Bergendahl, and the Welshman Ernest Sharpe.

Gerd and Geir Flyckt-Pedersen were awarded the Tom Horner Dog World Award of Excellence in 1996 for their contributions on the British dog scene. Geir judged the Terrier Group at Cruft’s in 2005 and at Westminster in 2016.

Int.Ch.Nor.Ch. Swed. Deveraux Janore, “Breck” earned nine Best In Show. He was the winner of the Swedish Kennel Club’s “Golden-Dog Trophy” and the winner of the Norwegian Kennel Club’s “Bamse-Trophy.” Ch. Deveraux Janore’s sire is Ch. Philtown Parader, bred by Avril and Drys Thomas (Philtown), and dam Deveraux Isadora.


Int.Ch.Nor.Ch.Swed. Deveraux Janore, “Breck,” handled by Geir Flyckt-Pedersen, 1974, featured in the Welsh Terrier Association 1975 Year Book, United Kingdom.
Int.Ch.Nor.Ch.Swed. Deveraux Janore, “Breck.” Courtesy Geir Flyckt-Pedersen.
Ch. Deveraux Janore, “Breck,” Dog CC. and BOB (left) and Bitch CC. Paddywell Fenella (right) under Judge Mr. J. Abbott at the Welsh Terrier Association Show in Cheltenham, June 17, 1972, as featured in the Welsh Terrier Association 1972 Year Book, United Kingdom.


*Reverend Bill King, “A lifetime in the limelight,” The Kennel Gazette, June 2018, pp. 8-11.